Building & Structure Cleaning

Improve the Appearance of the Property

Building & Structure Cleaning

Throughout years of weathering, buildings and structures develop a build-up of dirt, grim and residue, which if cleaned will aesthetically improve the  appearance of the property. This will increase the structures lifespan, help sell or lease the property and/ or present a reputable and presentable business to
customers and public which reflects positively on the quality of the brand and company.

FG Fegan specialise in cleaning all exterior surfaces removing debris like lichen, moss, algae, fungus, traffic grim and other pollutants from all types of surfaces including cladding, tiles / slates, all metals, glass, masonry finishes, etc. Simple processes like cleaning sky lights improves the natural light within the building, improving working conditions and reducing energy costs.

Building & Structure Cleaning

Extend the lifespan of your Assets

It is recommended that guttering is cleaned out and inspected at least once a year to avoid corrosion, prevent leakage and spills and stop damp from developing within the building. If the guttering is damaged we can repair or replace the gutter to ensure the customer is left with a free flowing and non-leaking system.

This work can be carried out at all heights, regardless of access issues by using access platforms, rope technologies or scaffolding with all operatives being fully trained for work performed.

Ultimately, cleaning and maintaining any structure will extend the life span while increasing asset value and presentation.

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