Paints & Coatings

Supply & application of a wide range of industrial application systems

Paints & Coatings for all Industries

FG Fegan supply and apply a wide selection of industrial coating application systems to suit all industrial budgets, needs and specifications. Industrial coating and painting systems are primarily used for their protective qualities in controlling corrosion on industrial surfaces including steel and concrete,  although we believe the system should also aesthetically improve the structure with impressive finishes.

Industrial paints are available with a variety of features including:
• Rust preventive Zinc Phosphates
• Hard wearing gloss finishes
• Heat Resistant
• Fire retardant
• Waterproof
• Sealants
• Water repellent
• Flooring including non-slip finishes
• Interior or exterior
• Touch-up coatings
• Anti-static or conductive
• High temperatures resistant

TH Moore 4b paints and coatings

Aesthetically improve structures with impressive finishes.

Coatings systems are applied to concrete surfaces and structural steelwork such as bridges, quarry equipment, oil and gas rigs, structures such as stadiums and warehouses and chemical plants to defend against adverse weather, corrosive atmospheres and chemicals while providing durability to the given structure.

In this sector coatings will have to meet a wide range of requirements through specifications and standards before they can be used. Equally important to their long term performance is the preparation of the surface through deep cleaning, blasting, etc., along with quality and product specific application practices.

Bollard & Railings Painting

FG Fegan provide a professional refurbishment and re-coating/ painting service for bollards and railings. The railings/ bollards are blasted of any rust or signs of wear, recoated with industry standard paint coatings to protect them from the outdoor elements and provide a long lasting finish. 

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