Lux Values

Improving Work Space

Lux Values – Improving work space

Poor light levels (Lux values) greatly affects visibility within the workplace and can be easily improved to increase productivity, boost the company’s Health & Safety, reduce energy cost, and generally lift the mood of the work space.

Work spaces often have limited windows and large floor areas with poor design for natural light. Health & Safety legislation has always placed a strict duty of care on employers to ensure that all parts of a workplace, both internally and externally, are adequately illuminated to maintain safe working areas by natural light so far as is reasonably practical.

Moving stock in a warehouse with a cherry picker, low angle

Specialising in complete lux surveys

FG Fegan offers complete lux surveys to identify ways of improving the natural light within work spaces with solutions ranging from simply cleaning, replacing or inserting skylights, Inserting mirror reflective lighting to applying specialist paint internally which will improve 

the aesthetics with a bright colour reflecting light around the work space enhancing visibility and improving H&S of the building.Alternatively, the existing electrical lighting within the given work space can be maintained, serviced, certified, cleaned, replaced or added to.

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