Cladding, Skylight, and Guttering Repairs

Cladding, Skylight & Guttering Repairs

FG Fegan offers a full range of inspection services to fully assess new and used buildings / structures providing clients with detailed reports, accompanied with photographic evidence, of the findings. The most common deficiency, particularly with large work stores and warehousing, is issues with the guttering, skylights and cladding especially on the exterior of the building, leading to problems to the interiors through leaks and damp. We specialise in maintenance work to cladding, skylights and guttering with a focus on providing speedy and cost effective solutions which will mend all identified problems.

Cut edge corrosion, which occurs when the original coating system begins to curl up at the edges to expose steel which it had been protecting, is an increasing issue especially on cladding covered structures. If left untreated the corrosion will spread and worsen leading to leaks and / or damage to the interior foam insulation. This can easily be treated by a number of different systems, depending on the type of cladding and extent of the damage, sealing up any leaks and preventing the spread of the corrosion. This is an extremely cheap alternative to replacing the cladding.

A builder wearing a safety harness for working at heights unscrews roofing iron on a building marked for demolition

Inspection & Maintenance Services

Generally skylights and guttering simply need a good cleaning to bring them back to their original state with annual maintenance recommended to increase life span and prevent or at least delay expensive replacements. To stop corrosion and leakage to guttering we can install gutter lining systems as an inexpensive long term solution.

So regardless of size, access difficulties and height levels if your cladding, skylights and/or guttering is in need of maintenance FG Fegan can do the leaning, patch works and repairs. In addition to this, if beyond repair, we also provide full and complete replacement.

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